Aline Sanford

I ordered Vera's deliciousness for a baby shower! Total success! Being from Brazil it is so wonderful to see that she embraces the variety and amazing quality! They are all fantastic but the churros and passion fruit ones are to die for! Strongly recommend as it makes a beautiful addition to any get together or party you have! Fits any event and it is an amazing and special treat to gift anyone with. It tastes amazing!

Suzanne Soho

Wow! Best chocolates I've had in a long time! So delicious! I've been missing out not eating these Brazilian delicacies! There are so many flavors to choose from and I can't wait to order the other ones! They made it in the 2 day delivery, as promised, from Colorado to New York. Just in time for Valentine's Day and beautifully packaged. I would highly recommend these. Thank you Vera!

Amy Schwarzrock Lieske

Vera makes the most delightful, delicious treats. The best part is that they taste as beautiful as they look. You will not be disappointed with her products and you and your guests will want more and more.

Beth Pedersen Vasquez

LOVE all of the treats I've tried! Not only are they beautiful, they are delicious as well! Such a variety of flavors - I can't wait to try them all! Vera provides excellent service as well.

Joy Smallwood

I never knew there could be so many delicious flavors of Brazilian truffles! Vera is an amazing chef and she's always blowing my mind with her flavorful kitchen adventures!!! It's simply delish!!!

Claudia Kalhoefer

I love Vera's delicacies!! She makes them look and taste so good. I have tried all of them and they are all delicious. My favorite is the Passion Fruit Brigadeiro. These flavors are typical of Brazil, but they are difficult to find in candies here. Eating these chocolates takes me back to Brazil. Thank you for making these and bringing a wonderful memory from Brazil to us!