The story of the Brigadeiro

BRIGADEIRO is known all over my home country, Brazil. It is a must in every party such as birthdays, weddings, corporate events and any other celebrations. BRIGADEIRO has the perfect bite size for when you need a little sweet treat. You can “taste” a bit more and see how beautifully they can be displayed at your event.

Our Brigadeiros are made from scratch, with a lot of patience (it takes a long time to cook them), love and hand rolled one by one for you, just the way we learned in Brazil when we were kids.

Ok, but why “Brigadeiro“?

BRIGADEIRO is the word in Portuguese for Brigadier. The little chocolate treat was named after the Brazilian Brigadier, Eduardo Gomes, who in 1945 started his Presidential Campaign. With his good looking and his speech, he attracted a group of female fans who created those chocolate “balls” and sold them to raise funds for his campaign. At that time, the Campaign parties were very expected by the public and soon people were calling friends to go eat the sweet: “Let’s eat the Brigadier’s candy!” The bite-sized chocolate ball was then, named “Brigadeiro“. The traditional recipe calls for condensed milk, chocolate powder, and butter.

Eduardo Gomes did not win the elections despite all the efforts, but his chocolate treat has become more and more popular over the decades.

There are a few versions of the origin of the Brigadeiro, but is is the most popular.

You might be also thinking that it is written wrong (Brigadeiro Gourmet instead of Gourmet Brigadeiro), but I just wanted to keep it as we say/write in Portuguese :)


The Brigadeiro makes up a big part of the Brazilian culture and is said to be a national icon. It is a democratic dessert that many people can enjoy. It can be made in the north or the south, eaten by rich or by poor, men or women, children or adults.

Generally made in Brazilian homes, the Brigadeiro can be eaten straight from the pot while one watches TV, which is why it can sometimes be called "spoon brigadeiro". The most common form of this dessert is in small balls covered in chocolate sprinkles and in a small cupcake mold. This dessert is normally served at kids birthday parties and is eaten after the birthday cake. The Brigadeiro can also be served in different reunions, especially when friends get together. This dessert can also be served when someone is going through a heartache. The Brigadeiro has a sentimental value to all Brazilians. Eating a Brigadeiro is said to give people a familiar sensation because it is a way to remember happy times spent with family and friends. The Brigadeiro can also be eaten at work and used in work-related baby showers.